New school tech, old school play.

The Sqord Activity Pod easily syncs with the free Sqord App, instantly updating the player’s Activity Points and introducing them to tons of fun!



Third party evaluation with 5th graders found that previously inactive kids using Sqord increased their activity levels by 55%.

The Sqord Pod

Track Play, Not Steps

The Sqord Activity Pod isn’t merely a step-counter. It tracks all sorts of movement and converts it into points that connect to Awards inside the Sqord App.

Virtually Indestructible

The Activity Pod can take a beating and keep on tracking. The lightweight wristbands are comfortable and incredibly durable. In other words: kidproof.


Activities worth tracking don’t just occur on land! With the Sqord Activity Pod, you never have to worry about taking it off. Those water balloon fights or swim meets can translate into big points inside the Sqord App!

9 Month Battery Life

The Sqord Pod uses a standard watch battery designed to last a long time. No need to plug it in every night to charge. Replacing the battery is easy and inexpensive.

The Sqord App

Customize Your Own Character

Create and customize your very own PowerMe character inside our online world. The more points you earn, the more wild and crazy things you can do with your PowerMe!

Earn Points, Set Records, Get Awarded

The Pod tracks your play—the App converts that play into Activity Points. Use points to message friends, upgrade your PowerMe, and compete!

Challenge Your Friends (or Yourself!)

Compete on a weekly leaderboard and in head-to-head challenges with your friends. Parents can also set goals and create unique Awards.

Interact Safely with Other Kids

Send quick High Fives or Squawks to your friends. The Sqord App is specially designed to make sure all interactions are safe, easy, and fun.

Get the App for Free

Sqord for Groups

Sqord is the fitness platform that makes healthy, active play more fun for kids by allowing them to compete and earn points for everyday activities.

Using Sqord is a great way to promote group connection, communication, and friendly competition.

Health systems use Sqord to help establish healthy habits and keep long term costs low. Schools use Sqord to boost student academic performance. Sports teams and social groups use Sqord to increase the physical activity of the kids in their group.

Learn more about Sqord for groups
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