Tips to Keep your Child Active During Busy School Days


Summer is the season of play, but movement and activity does not have to end as fall approaches and school starts.  When school is out for the day, make sure to set aside time for play!  Here are three ideas to keep your child active after the last school bell rings.  Hint: don’t forget to wear your Sqord Pods!

1. Living room dance party:  
Crank up the tunes to get everyone up and moving! Parents – you can set a custom Goal for silliest dance moves and award Sqoins in the Family Portal!

2. Head to your backyard — or a neighbor’s backyard:  
Set up a simple obstacle course and see how quickly each of your children can complete it.  Jump ropes, hula-hoops, hopscotch: the sky’s the limit!

3. Make it a family thing:  
Incorporate exercise into your daily routine as a family.  Walk to the local park, go bike riding or take the dog for a stroll.