Sqord for Groups

Whether it’s a club, sports team, youth organization, or an entire school district, if you want to promote a healthy lifestyle for any group of kids, Sqord is THE enterprise solution.

Sqord partners with health systems, independent researchers and a wide range of industry experts to create and continually innovate a uniquely engaging platform that is social, leveraging kids’ own innate desire to communicate, connect, and compete.

Sqord has been implemented in schools and youth groups across the country, and the results have been fantastic. In every instance, kids move more, engage more, and demonstrate a measurable increase in physical activity immediately (and over time) with Sqord.

Sqord also gives you an administrative reporting tool with quantifiable metrics on the physical activity, levels, and participation of each of your players. No more guesswork or gray areas in measuring physical activity. Sqord puts the numbers in plain view, and allows your teachers and coaches to see exactly what’s what in real-time.

Sqord can provide special rates for schools and organizations who want to provide Sqord to ten or more kids.


Get Sqord for Your Group!

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