Author: Jon

Sqord Sqramble! Let’s get moving!!

Ready for an adventure? This week (April 17th) we are kicking-off off the Sqord Sqramble! , The Sqord Sqramble is a team based activity, your team’s activity will take you to 5 different cities across the United States in the first ever Sqord Sqramble!

How does it work?

  • Teams are racing to see how fast and far across the US they can go by May 15th. (If you are not part of a team email us at to create/join a team.)
  • Players move and earn points for their team.
  • When teams reach a specific average point amount, they arrive at a new city.
  • At each new destination, the admin is given a new average point goal for your team in order to reach the next city.
  • Players receive a PowerMe city logo after they arrive at each new destination.
  • Syncing is important! 1 sync a day earns players 7000 extra power boost points.
  • Teams that complete the entire race will receive a PowerMe Sqord Sqramble Finisher t-shirt (virtual) & bragging rights, of course!
  • All teams are automatically entered, an opt-out option will be provided.

What is the race route?

  • Seattle, WA (start)
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Chicago, IL
  • New York, NY (finish)

We are excited for the Sqord Sqramble and pumped to see all the activity.

Get Ready! Get Set! Go! See you at our first stop in San Francisco! 


Movement Madness has begun!

64 teams are competing in 4 different brackets: Sqweet 16, Orange, Green and Blue. We are seeing great competition across all programs across the country! Top winners will compete for the ultimate prize: SQORD’S MOVEMENT MADNESS TROPHY and of course, bragging rights! Sqord will be making a lot of “shout outs” on social media too, follow Sqord on Facebook and Instagram!


(updated Thursday, March 23, 2017)

The top Round 1 Scoring Team in the nation is Woodridge Elementary, Spokane, WA! They are well on their way to Round 2 – Elite 8. Photo below of the Woodridge Elementary team. Keep up the great activity!

The current standings for Movement Madness 2017 (week 2) are below:





Movement Madness details and qualifications: 

Each week our Coaches will send updated bracket summaries.  If you would like to check your standings, login here and view the “Milestones” tab. Teams are eager to compete and the competition will be fierce.  During the Movement Madness tourney, we will be highlighting teams on our social media pages.  Make sure to follow Sqord on Facebook and Instagram to be featured or learn about other teams playing.

Every participating team will have a spring break over the course of the competition.  We encourage you to help your players stay active when school is out.  Have them sync on a mobile device if they can. It all counts!

Highest average weekly sync rate (1 sync a day earns players 7000 extra points) and highest average activity points. Weekly competitions will run on Tuesdays through Mondays. Weekly winners will move on to play in the next bracket.  There will also be an alternate bracket, for those that would like to continue competing and are unable to move on.

Sqweet 16 teams will receive a Limited Edition Sqord Basketball.  Top winners will compete for the ultimate prize: SQORD’S MOVEMENT MADNESS TROPHY and of course, bragging rights!  Sqord will be making a lot of “shout outs” on social media too!