About Sqord

Sqord is a fun, socially-connected online world powered by real-world play.

Players wear the Sqord Booster, which scores the intensity and duration of your physical activity. Move more, get more points, move less, well, you can figure it out. When you’re ready for a short break, log into Sqord App where you’ll earn rewards for the points you’ve earned, customize your PowerMe, challenge your friends & family, get a High-Five or two, and much, much more.


Sqord makes healthy, active play more fun.

Sqord has been introduced to over 60,000 kids in top elementary schools and youth organizations around the country, since 2013.

But don’t worry, we’d never let anyone tell us that physical activity is more important than having fun while you’re doing it.

We think being active is supposed to be fun, and want to inspire life-long habits that get you up, get you moving, and let you take back play for the rest of your life.

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