What is sqord?

SQORD’s Mission

We want to be the number #1 place for all names in the world

SQORD was registered many years ago but was reborn in 2022 with the ambition to be the world’s biggest platform for people who want to learn more about names from all over the world. As a popular website to visit to learn more about names SQORD is an international success with million of visitors every year.

Together with name experts from all over the world and AI machine learning we have designed lists of the most popular names from all over the world. To always have the most up-to-date list of names we daily update our lists.

At the core we consider SQORD to be a world-class website to learn about new names. Together with over 100 name experts from all around the world and AI machine learning we have created lists that have never been seen before. These are premium lists and you can access them both through iOS and Android or any other device you are using.

Want to contact us? Just send an e-mail to hello@sqord.com

Extraordinary Experiences

We want you to always experience something new and amazing every time you visit our website.

Therefore we strive to have lists that are up-to-date and relevant for the times we are living in now. Please join us in our mission to make this the best place to visit for names.

Our Core Values

We believe in always doing the best we can to make expericenes better for our visitor – and to always push the bountries of what is possible. To make sure this always happens we:

  • Push the bountries
  • Work smart
  • Have the visitor in mind in everything we do