Month: April 2017

Sqord Sqramble is On: 5 ideas to keep moving in Seattle

The 2017 Sqord Sqramble is underway! For the next four weeks, Sqord teams from around the country are competing in a virtual trek across the U.S.: from Seattle to San Francisco to Nashville to Chicago and finally landing in New York City.  Each team’s Sqord Activity Points will be converted into ‘distance’ gained, seeing who will reach each of our 6 cities first.  Every team earns a virtual badge in the Sqord app as they reach each destination. The overall Sqramble Champ will be crowned by being the first team to reach the Golden Gate bridge.


Some City Inspired Ideas

As teams start off on their wild adventure, here are some suggestions of unique ways you might earn Sqord points in each of those cities (or at least pretend you are).

Let’s start right here in Seattle.

Here’s five quick ideas of how you might move and play in the Emerald City.

  1. Take a hike…right in the middle of the city. The loop trail at  Discovery Park is nearly 3-miles long.  Not only do you get to tromp through forestland, but you can run right up on the shore of the Puget Sound or go dig in a big sand pit for a bit of extra playtime.
  1. Get on your bike. The Burke Gilman trail is a 90-mile paved bike path that runs along the Fremont Cut, through the University of Washington campus, alongside Lake Washington and all the way out to Bothell. It’s an easy and fun way to see all parts of the city.
  1. Jump on a kayak or a paddleboard. Seattleites love their water whether they are on Lake Union, Lake Washington or the Puget Sound. There’s no better way to take in the views while having some fun in the sun.
  1. Go climbing…inside. While Seattle is surrounded by majestic mountains like Mount Rainier and the Olympic Peninsula, indoor rock-climbing walls like the one at REI, make it a year-round activity.
  1. March to the Match. Before every home game, meet up in Occidental Park to join tons of other Sounders FC fans. Together, you can ‘march’ all the way to Century Link Field – chanting all the way.


Enjoy your adventure…see you in Boulder!










Sqord Sqramble! Let’s get moving!!

Ready for an adventure? This week (April 17th) we are kicking-off off the Sqord Sqramble! , The Sqord Sqramble is a team based activity, your team’s activity will take you to 5 different cities across the United States in the first ever Sqord Sqramble!

How does it work?

  • Teams are racing to see how fast and far across the US they can go by May 15th. (If you are not part of a team email us at to create/join a team.)
  • Players move and earn points for their team.
  • When teams reach a specific average point amount, they arrive at a new city.
  • At each new destination, the admin is given a new average point goal for your team in order to reach the next city.
  • Players receive a PowerMe city logo after they arrive at each new destination.
  • Syncing is important! 1 sync a day earns players 7000 extra power boost points.
  • Teams that complete the entire race will receive a PowerMe Sqord Sqramble Finisher t-shirt (virtual) & bragging rights, of course!
  • All teams are automatically entered, an opt-out option will be provided.

What is the race route?

  • Seattle, WA (start)
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Nashville, TN
  • Chicago, IL
  • New York, NY (finish)

We are excited for the Sqord Sqramble and pumped to see all the activity.

Get Ready! Get Set! Go! See you at our first stop in San Francisco!