Month: August 2016

3 Things to Do Now to Get Ready for Back to School



It’s back to school prep time!  Here are some ideas to make the transition back to school smooth and seamless for your family.  Read on for three things you can do to help your children prepare for the upcoming school year:

1. Routine, routine, routine:
A big chunk of the battle is getting back into a regular school routine.  Have your children practice getting up and getting dressed at the same time everyday.  Start practicing assembling outfits (and finding shoes!) each night to save time in the morning.  Get your children into the habit now of making sure their backpacks are organized and ready to go before they go to bed.  You can even start to serve snacks and meals at the same time your child will have them in school.   And don’t forget fitness – building exercise routines as a family is not only fun, it will help your children feel excited for P.E.!  Click here for inspiration!

2. Put on a happy face:
Thoughts of homework, uncertainty about new teachers, worries of making new friends – as children start to head into back-to-school mode, they can experience a lot of different feelings, ranging the gamut from excitement to dread.  Your influence as a parent can have a huge impact!  Help instill confidence that this year is going to be the best school year yet for them.  Discuss with each child their joys and concerns for the school year – what are they looking forward to?  What are they nervous  about?  Start a journal where you and your child(ren) can communicate your feelings about the school year openly.  Mention exciting opportunities such as making new friends, joining clubs or sport teams, and the opportunity to learn about new and  interesting subjects.

3.  Get organized:
A stitch in time saves nine!  We know this is a tough one, however the more organized you are now, the better off your children’s first few weeks of school will be.  Make a place for your kids to stash book bags, a spot for important papers, a lunch packing station in the kitchen, and a calendar for everyone to write and keep track of important dates.  Also, start to think about getting your children involved in programs after school to keep them active and provide something fun and challenging for them to look forward to at the end of the school day.

A Message from our Founder, Coleman Greene



Hello Sqord parents, teachers and coaches!

With summer winding down and school just around the corner, we are excited to be launching our newsletter and blog posts to provide more regular updates of all that we are working on here at Sqord. Your support to date has been amazing and we cannot wait to have you join us for the wild ride ahead!

Sqord was founded with the vision of being able to provide kids everywhere with fun, enjoyable experiences around everyday healthy habits. As we work towards that big, awesome goal, please know that your feedback is critical and hugely valuable to us. Let us know how we are doing by you and your kiddos. Are there any topics you would like us to focus on? Any ideas or requests? As always, thanks for the support – keep moving, syncing, and playing!

-Coleman Greene

3 School Lunch Ideas Destined for Lunch Room Envy


Here at Sqord, we know that nutrition and playtime go hand in hand, and healthy eating is crucial for providing your child with ample energy to earn all those Sqord Activity Points. The dog days of summer are coming to a close, with children across the nation heading back to school in a few short weeks.  Aside from the usual back-to-school shopping, it’s time to dust off the old lunchbox, or perhaps splurge on a shiny new one. Quell the unspoken dread of packing lunches five days a week with these three quick, and healthy, recipes for your children.

1. Quesadillas:
Tired of the standard sandwich?  Look no further than quesadillas! Kids will gobble them up and they can be devoured cold.  Fill a large tortilla with apples and peanut butter, and serve with a side of raisins and carrots for a dairy free lunch sure to please.  Or sub the wrap for lettuce if your child is gluten intolerant.  Adding a tasty side and maybe a small serving of chocolate covered almonds will be a hit!

2. Spaghetti:
Who says pasta can only be served at dinnertime?  Let your child enjoy this for lunch. All you need is pasta, turkey meatballs, marinara, and a little shredded parmesan.  Add in an extra element of flavor (and veggies!) by substituting regular noodles for zucchini noodles – the unofficial squash of fall!  To serve this warm, heat it up in the morning and pack in a thermos.

3. Mini-Kebabs:
These are perfect for little fingers!  Try this versatile treat with any combination you can imagine.  Our delicious suggestion: grapes, ham cubes, and cheese cubes on decorative toothpicks or skewers.

Bonus: we are in the process of developing a nutrition app for your child, designed to be used with their Sqord.  Stay tuned to our blog for more updates!   

Tips to Keep your Child Active During Busy School Days


Summer is the season of play, but movement and activity does not have to end as fall approaches and school starts.  When school is out for the day, make sure to set aside time for play!  Here are three ideas to keep your child active after the last school bell rings.  Hint: don’t forget to wear your Sqord Pods!

1. Living room dance party:  
Crank up the tunes to get everyone up and moving! Parents – you can set a custom Goal for silliest dance moves and award Sqoins in the Family Portal!

2. Head to your backyard — or a neighbor’s backyard:  
Set up a simple obstacle course and see how quickly each of your children can complete it.  Jump ropes, hula-hoops, hopscotch: the sky’s the limit!

3. Make it a family thing:  
Incorporate exercise into your daily routine as a family.  Walk to the local park, go bike riding or take the dog for a stroll.

Earn Activity Points Underwater!


Do you have a child who loves to swim?  Don’t let a little water keep your child from earning their hard-earned Sqoins and capturing the intensity and duration of all their movement underwater!  While the school year has already started, or will be starting for many of our Sqord families across the nation, it is still swimming weather in many areas. The great news is your family can keep earning Activity Points even while swimming!  Your child may wear their Sqord Pod underwater for up to 30 minutes in the deep end of the pool.  Once you have finished, don’t forget to help your child tag it as an Activity in their Activity Chart!*

*How do you tag an Activity in your Activity Chart?  It’s a breeze! Simply log in to your Sqord Player Portal and select ‘Activity Charts’ from the drop down ‘Directions’ menu.

Meet Grace Daley, Former Women’s Basketball Player & Sqord Ambassador!


It’s back-to-school time with Sqord!  This year we have a team of Sqord Champion Ambassadors* to help us put some extra pep in our Sqord steps.  One special Ambassador is Grace Daley from B.E. S.M.A.R.T.™ KIDS and College Park Elementary in Ocala, Florida.  A former professional women’s basketball player and an enthusiastic teacher, Grace says “Sqord has helped change the entire culture of my grade level.  I’m a former professional athlete and I wear a Sqord Pod along with my students, and I was struggling to stay in the Top 10 on the LeaderBoard in my class!” Grace has learned ways to build movement into her students’ school routine, and is excited to share what works for her with other Team Admins.  

At Grace’s school, she came up with “Sqord Up Friday,” a 20 minute recess where all Sqord players run around the track, earning loads of Activity Points and cheering each other on along the way.  Before heading back in to class, kids sync their Sqord Pods to their classroom’s iPad.  They even have an awards ceremony to recognize Players of the Week in different categories, such as Most Improved Player, and to celebrate movement and wellness as a team.  Way to go Grace!

*What is a Sqord Ambassador?  Our Ambassadors are active, diverse and influential Admins of their team or organization.   These Ambassadors have volunteered to keep kids moving, help newer Team Admins succeed with Sqord, and to serve as sources of all-around inspiration for the Sqord universe, making movement fun and creative, and inspiring imagination and happiness all around.  If you are a current Team Admin and are interested in joining the Sqord Ambassador crew, please e-mail for more information.

Interested in hearing more stories about how our Sqord Ambassadors inspire their students?  Follow us on social media for mini-lessons from our Ambassadors, along with the latest and greatest Sqord news!